Butta B Rocka Newsletter Volume 1

Whats’ going on everyone? I am proud to present my first monthly newsletter! I’ll be featuring new and exciting news, tips, and quotes of wisdom for all of my fans. Many people have seen me perform or know that I'm a songwriter, but do you really know me? I am writing this newsletter to get more intimate with you. So that you can truly see the real me. I will be discussing my excitements, my fears and everything in between. So let’s kick this off and get it started.

In this Issue:

* Who is Butta?
* What happended at the Taxi Convention?
* So what's the big secret?

Butta Who?

Monthly, I will tell you bits and pieces about myself, so consider this Part 1:
So who am I? My real name is Oleathia Robinson most people know me as Butta or Butta B. Rocka. I am a singer, songwriter, producer, vocal arranger and I also provide background vocals for live shows and studio work. But I’m much more then that, I’m human, I’m caring, I’m a hard worker - I give 150% towards everything I do, I‘m genuine, down to earth, funny, a peoples person, and very family oriented.
I was currently in Los Angeles, CA working and securing contacts while at the TAXI Convention. TAXI is the world leading independent A&R Company www.taxi.com! The Convention was a huge success! I performed in front of my peers and got great reviews and the final day there, my song “Switch lanes” was played at the Producers panel- the panel was made up of Major Producers that have a plethora of hits and platinum’s under their belt. I sat in the Grand Ballroom in front of hundreds of people on pins and needles awaiting the critiques. After the song finished, the room was filled with applause and the panel said that they loved my song, one guy from the panel Mr. Denny Diante (mega-producer/arranger for Barbara Streisand, Elton John, BB King, Neil Diamond to name a few). Went further to say that” he loved my song and could see it in TV/Film as well as on other artist”. He then asked for a copy of my CD, I was beyond ecstatic!
Beau Dozier, son of the legendary Lamont Dozier (writer for some of Motown’s biggest hits) also requested my CD, as well as a representative from Universal Music Publishing! So needless to say I left LA on an all time High.

The Secret is out Single coming soon!
The hot, fresh, and exciting story of the month is I have decided to release my single “Switch Lanes” and I’m proud to announce that I have recently shot my video for “Switch Lanes, which will be debuting very soon! The tentative release date of “Switch Lanes” is set for December 1, 2009 on www.Youtube.com/buttabrocka and www.ButtaBRocka.com .

It 's important to me to be able to come out as both; an artist as well as a songwriter, and to get what I want to say out there. For to long I have let other peoples opinion about my music dictate my life and to be honest with you, I also had a lot of fear- fear of the unknown, fear that I wouldn’t succeed, fear that I wouldn’t live up to it my own expectations Ever feel that way?. Well I’m not afraid anymore; I have decided to take my life back. I am walking by faith and I’m ready. I have tons of support and this has always been my dream to do – so I’m BACK! No more hiding behind just the pen and pad.

I was very excited to complete my video, it was “loud”, I had the full package! A total entourage of stylist, hairstylist, shoe stylist, makeup artist, chorographer, dancers, security, a chef, a DJ, a still photographer, and a behind the scenes video man. I was given the FULL star treatment! Friends and family members came from around the U.S.A to help me with my video. I was completely nervous at first; as this was my first video shoot. I was in front of my friends, family and other professionals from the industry, which made me, work harder and required me to be on point, it was scary having all eyes on me. I was embarking on unfamiliar territory while working with the video camera man and still photographer. I found the experience enjoyable; yet at the same time I was anxious not wishing to disappoint those around me.

The shoot started out shaky as a light rain and drizzle almost cancelled the recording for the day. I was disappointed, I had been preparing for this for so long. People had flown in and I begin feeling overwhelmed. Everyone was in great spirits and very optimistic so we waited patiently for approximately 2-3 hours and finally the weather lifted. I was ready and so it began!

“Switch Lanes” was produced and directed by Illone productions and features the Wolf Pack ATL Biker’s Club, among and a host of other people. My favorite part of shooting the video was riding on a motorcycle. I’d never ridden on a bike before and was nervous. Once we took off, I loved it. The concept of “Switch Lanes” is about a young lady who see’s an ex boyfriend and reminces about their past. They have both moved on but she’s confident that she will have him leave his new girl and forget her name. So basically the chase begins and the story unfolds. Stay tuned to see what happens in the end.

Well gotta rap it up now so, stay tuned next month for more updates and the video of “Switch Lanes.”
Until then… “GO HARD!”