Greetings, Family, Wow, so much has been going on in my life since we last spoke :p

Let me first start out by saying Thank you to everyone who has supported my career, by either downloading my album or singles, said a kind word, attended a performance etc, it's scary out there sometimes, but I'm a big girl and I'm learning all the way.

International News-Hot off the press

Many of you may or may not know, I've been doing alot of writing for some international artist.... Well, I am proud to announce that on July 16th, EuroSong Belgium Idol-Sandrine-released her single "Run Away" that I co-wrote.. In addition she has recently released the music video as well. I am very excited about her project, as this is her 2nd album, I have had the pleasure of working on. On her prior album "Boosted 2", I had the honor of writing 3 songs off the album.

Check out the video below and her live performance of Run Away!!

On Sept 25th, German Idol Artist-Vanessa Jean Dedmon-will be releasing her debut single "Missing you bad"-that I co-wrote with ZA of Arrested development, featuring my good friend Neph 150- Congrad's Neph!

She has a full tour scheduled after the release date, and most of her shows are already sold out!

The B-Rocka Band

My mother always told me, if you're going to do something, do it big! I introduce to you" The B-Rocka Band", we have been hard at work hitting the pavement, perfecting our crafts, performing at some great events. The band consist of a 4 piece, 2 dancers, 3 background singers, and a acoustic number... If you have not had the opportunity to see us perform live, YA MIGHT NOT WANNA MISS THE NEXT SHOW, as it is sure to be EXPLOSIVE! We recently performed at the BAAM Fest and SHUT IT DOWN! It was a great atmosphere, the crowd was amazing and I would like to give a big shout out to Rusty of South Eastern Attractions for showing us MAD LOVE with his hospitality. He had us staying in the Historic Redmont Hotel and we had a BLAST!!! Rusty, we look forward to working with you again.

We are available for booking, and can cater to all of your entertainment needs, no project to big or small, we perform at Clubs, Colleges, Private events, Corp, and Weddings to name a few, doing both Orignial and/or Classic covertunes and Top 100's. Contact us at

Check out Pt 1 of the footage from the BAAM Fest, I would love for you to write a comment on my youtube or facebook page :o)

To the best crew/family - Allen, Corey, Regina-Boss lady, Randell, Gee Gee, Ursula, Mike Sal, Clarissa and Homer Mc. Thank you for seeing the vision, for your loyalty, and friendships. Let's Get it....

Press Worthy!

I have been in the press alot lately! I recently did live radio interviews on:

Live365- Glam Star Rocky,

Blog talk radio,

Dawg House KCLAFM

Crescent City Radio -Realtalk504

as well as a host of Magazine interviews:

Entertainment Reporters-

Associated Content-

ATL Web Mag-

The Real atlanta-

How's my rolling-recently interviewed- write up posting coming soon

Crunk mag- recently interviewed- write up- posting come soon

GetEmMagazine- recently interviewed- write up- posting coming soon

i would like to give an extended an extra thank you to: Marc J, Julia Huie Martin, Andrew Frobers, Cutty, Rocky, D-Nice, Jamie Jones, Marco- the dawg is in the bldg, and FL TY of V103, Thank you, thank you, thank you

Free Giveaway Contest

I am giving away 4 complementary promotional copies of my albums to anyone who can inbox me the titles of 4 of my songs off my album "Switch Lanes" and answer which one is your favorite and why... I look forward to hearing from you. The first 4 people to email me with the answers-WINS.... Pls add in the subject line- B-Rocka Contest...

Well, thats it for now, I can't give away all of my goodies at once,, gotta keep some things a surprise, lol.

In the next issue,

Guess who just did a voiceover project for a major campaign?

Guess who's going on a major tour?

Guess who's about to be in a movie and tv show and which movie is it?

Guess who's working on a Go Green campaign?

Guess who is nominated for the Best Future star awards and was recently asked to perform at the awards show? well I'll give you this one, me!!! So please vote for ya girl :o)

Stay Tuned!

If you haven't done so yet, please show your support and download my album and or any of the singles!!

Pass along my information, book us for your next event, tell a record label or an artist about me :o)

You get out, what you put in, so I'm going give you---- all I got!

I truly appreciate your love and support.. Butta B-Rocka